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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Microsoft is in serius mood to give tuff competion to Google in Internet market

With recent controversies of Copycat the Google search Microsoft came with  a new way to Fight against the Google. There were rumors in market that Microsoft will going to buy the Nokia or Rim but it had not happen, rather more accepted thing came in news. Microsoft and Nokia together annouces something quite interesting.
Nokia and Microsoft Announce Plans for a Broad Strategic Partnership to Build a New Global Mobile Ecosystem . Now Microsoft and Nokia are patners!

The Partnership plan
  1. Now we going to see Windows mobile on upcoming Nokia phones
  2. Bing searched powered in New Nokia phones
  3. Nokia maps will get integrated with the bing maps
  4. Nokia application stores and Microsoft market place integrated for the consumers
  5. Microsoft tools avialable for developres for Nokia devices along with hardwre support from Nokia
We have many factor that lead to this.
Google android had became soo popular and left Nokia in smartphone production. Thus this would help Nokia give some Better competition in market to Android as well as iphones.
Bing searches now have a better platform as now we have a huge no of searches from the mobile devices.
The Nokia maps helps Bing map to survive as the Google map has the monopoly over the market and Bing need to do something to get show up.
With integration of Nokia Ovi and Microsoft Marketplace consumer have a lots of choices available and Nokia get benefited with this.
New era of smartphones with Nokia and Microsft will have effect on the market as well.
But how will this partnership came out in future that is to wait and watch.

See press release at Nokia site.


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