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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Google claims of it searches copycat by Bing

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It seems that the search engines war has come up!

Google calming that Bing copycat it searches where same is denied by Microsoft. That is big drama coming in the search engine business.Many people trust Google and Bing is flourishing now a days but the claim of Google is this true? God knows?

It is professional ethic saying to not do to harm others but now in this modern world all the ethics goes out and runs only on the lips and never come in the behavior. Bing had did all it way to grow up helped by Facebook. I feel most of the internet gurus want to suppress the monopoly of Google over internet and the searches. But the question is yahoo one of the oldest giant in internet never came int news for copying or cheating but Bing has. The is something going on really because smoke only came from there where there is some fire. But i don't want to say that really Bing is doing that what Google says. This is not the first time something like this has came it had appeared before too.

Google search has a huge market and most sharing site of the world so it will have to face the problem like this. Bing from Microsoft is good but believe Microsoft must really on what they are good at and didn't inter-fare like this. How much more they want to earn? Let Google do it work and they do in their own field. As per as now it seems that Google is more powerful than Bing but God knows what happen in future. This topic is hot in the internet Market nowadays and still not going to go down till something more interesting going to come up either from the Google or the Microsoft.I had seen From many of the articles, most of the people flavoring the Google. This in fact is giving more strength to Google. Microsoft doing all effort to deny and overcome this but it would be hard for them to get out of the Net. Google is good Search engine with better and best tools to show the web and will remain same in-fite of any attack.

If you use the Google and the Bing too then you going to find that first pages of the both searches are just similar or another word to say a photocopy of other. It make the sense unclear but because of this you can't say any thing regarding what the claim of Google is and the fate of Bing. But as before i said smoke didn't arrived without fire so there is something and that need to prove. Google had hard in doing that but i think Google must not take advantage of it faith by public to fight again Bing. Just settle it without coming to public. Even if still think so nothing had improve go take legal action.

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