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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Samsung Smart Display Video Concept of Future

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Samsung is innovative company it's work are getting smarter as it start beating Apple and other to top the Smartphone manufacturer. At the Analyst Day in Seoul, Korea a concept video released by the samsung that is Smart Display Video Concept of Future.

The video titled “Display Centric World” offers a glimpse at a world full of interactive displays in which nearly every surface, window and tabletop has the ability to show the user video content and context-specific data.
The concept is truly fantastic which will revolutionized the display of future. In the Samsung Smart Display Video Concept first concept device appears - an interactive coffee cup embedded with a fingerprint scanner that enables the cup to display the drinker’s health information directly on the cup's surface via an imagined program called "My House Doctor."

Samsung Smart Display Video Concept of Future - interactive coffee cup

Next feature inline in the Samsung Smart Display Video Concept is the entirer wall as display to user's real world environment. Next in the series is ultra-thin translucent alarm clock which go half when alaram is turned off. As Samsung already introduced some of the curved and fold-able displays which was next to show case in the Video Concept.

Perhaps one of the most immediately realizable concept devices shown in the Samsung Smart Display Video Concept is a display-enabled kitchen cutting board that delivers information about the food the user is preparing right under her fingertips. While in use, the display can also be turned into a recipe display panel that lists the nutritional and caloric properties of all the ingredients currently being prepared.

Samsung Smart Display Video Concept of Future - display-enabled kitchen cutting board

In the area of mobile display concept solutions, the video then puts us inside a car in which the passenger has the ability to control various functions through the car’s interactive display. The window not only shows the current time and temperature, but it also allows direct manipulation of the vehicle’s heating and cooling system controls.

Samsung Smart Display Video Concept of Future - car’s interactive display

More Features put in the Samsung Smart Display Video Concept - 
  • The transparent interactive blackboard display which allows teacher and children to have the ability for play with each other from classrooms in two different remote locations.
  • The transparent interactive display used for presentation as well for 3d modelling.
  • The transparent interactive display on the table showing all the texted information closer to desk.
  • The purse turns out into a fully interactive display unit, where same user uses her smart bracelet to interact with a nearby smart window display that does everything from show retail items for sale to allowing the wearer of the bracelet to call a family member.
The Samsung Smart Display Video Concept is not just an optimistic prediction but it the forecast of visions of a display-centric future which is made possible in future with evolution of display technology from company like Samsung. What you think about this? Put you comment let me know! Meanwhile Watch the Video of Samsung Smart Display Video Concept of Future. 

Source : Mashable

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