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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Past Failure of Indian Government Abroad - #DevyaniHumiliated

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Twitter has outburst #DevyaniHumiliated with many of Indian want to get apology from the us. Finally US respond with an Apology.

The Background Story

Devyani Khobragade, an Indian diplomat was arrested rudely in front of her daughter’s school in New York, handcuffed, subjected to a strip search.
It took $250,000 bond equivalent of  Rs1,55,00,000 to get her out through bail.  The charges against her are Visa fraud and paying her maid lesser than the legally stipulated minimum wages.

US Consulate’s barricades removed, details of US Consulate’s Indian staffers’ salary asked, special passes for US diplomats revoked, airport passes for diplomats withdrawn, imported liqour privilege for diplomats withdrawn, schools involving US folks scrutinised, and much more. In brief, India, led by UPA Government is angry! Media houses are full of outrage and are vocally demonising mighty Uncle Sam.

Question here is not harsh treatment was meted out to an Indian diplomat, and possibly to wonder why India is in this terrible ‘spineless state’ status in the eyes of the world.

Here are some of Past Failure of Indian Government Abroad

  1. A democratically elected Indian Chief Minister Narendra Modi didn’t get US Visa.  To play Dirty Politics UPA govt didn't unite for sake of country.
  2. Wharton snubbed an Indian Chief Minister after initially inviting him. How could a Government go ahead sponsoring a foreign event when the hosts did not allow an elected Chief Minister of your country? You should have woken up then at least, leaving aside your vicious political hatred. UPA Govt was Playing Politics here as well -  Another Past Failure of Indian Government.
  3.  Baba Ramdev was humiliated at London airport. The renowned Yoga guru who has tens of crores of admirers and followers in India, was ill treated for over seven hours. UPA Govt Still play politics and didn't care the country's pride and it's citizen's value.
  4. UPA Govt almost let off killer Italian marines, until the Supreme Court intervened. If the court had not intervened, India could have lost custody of the murder accused forever.
  5. One of major Past Failure of Indian Government Abroad- Captain Mohonto Panging was denied China visa. UPA Govt sent other staff didn't reacted - let Indian Air Force officer get humiliated becuses he was from Arunachal Pradesh which China think their.
  6.  Lance Naik Hemraj’s head was chopped off by Pakistanis and same UPA Govt didn't do anything. They let the it all go - Past Failure of Indian Government Abroad.
  7. There are many more Past Failure of Indian Government Abroad -  ignored 140 Indian fishermen arrested by Sri Lanka just this month,  1400 Indians jailed by Saudi Arabia, 109 Indians are jailed by Italy giving no information for cause of arrest.
It's shame for the world largest democary where PM is called as Dehati Aurat” and they respond nothing (same time Narendra Modi of the BJP stood up for the Prime Minister). Govt only act when something happen to high profile persons like Shah Rukh Khan and Devyani Khobragade. We want them to stood up for all Indians around the world, give them confidence. Don't be a a pathetic soft power, be a hard hitter tit for tat kind.

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