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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Now Embedded Posts On Google+

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Like the way Twitter introduced the, Embedded tweets, Facebook copied to it own few day back. Now it was Google to share a bit, Now Embedded Posts on Google+.

Blogger and Content writers can embed any Google+ conversation to their post by taking the code from the post options. The Google+ post options is at the upper right-hand corner, select "Embed post" tab from the drop down menu in the post and get code for embedding.

According to Google, from the blog post they posted, this will help users to +1 a post, comments on it, or follow the post's creator there it self. The Embedded Posts will cover the entire thing, text, photos, +1's and comments (fewer).

The Author attribution Updates

One another feature apart from Embedded Posts were introduced is author attribution.This feature will ties an author's web article or blog post to their Google+ profile. For example, if an author uses his or her Google+ account to login with WordPress, her post will be automatically linked back to her Google+ profile.

Though the author attribution is being only  integration with two major platforms today - WordPress and Typepad. While it being tested on other sites like -, WikiHow, and Examiner.

What you think about Embedded Posts? Put your comments.

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