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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Play 1980's 8-bit ‘Missile Command’ Game on YouTube

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Youtube is great source of watching online videos. Earlier we have seen how to play snake game in the videos uploaded on youtube. Like similar easter eggs is there in the Youtube website. As Youtube celebrating the Geek Week  with many wonderful videos being uploaded in geeky style with some fun in them. There is one hidden easter egg being on the Youtube.

Like the Snake game there is another hidden game on Youtube that is, 8-bit ‘Missile Command’ Game. It's the popular classic game of 1980's. If you were in those days this game will give you nostalgia, how you were playing it.


To play the  ‘Missile Command’ Game on YouTube, first open any video on the website. After opening the video, pause it and then type 1980 through you keyboard. It will ask you to continue and game start in.


The aim of the game is to save the video being destroyed by the missile attack. You have your own defender, try to prevent the attack of missile and let video be safe. With serval attacks, the cracks in video will show up and eventually the videos get busted, then game over.

Play thins game on Youtube and tell how you like it?

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