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Monday, November 7, 2011

Play Snake game in You Tube videos (another easter egg)

The web is full of surprise where you will found many amazing things that will shock your mind. I had seen many of the surprises over here, on the internet. Many Website particular of Google had some of the hidden code that will amused user. These are called as "Easter eggs".

Previously I wrote about the magic on the Google search, now Today I am going to show you another magic that Google had it on You Tube, the king of online videos. You Tube born on 14 feb, 2005, there after it had created many milestone. It was acquired by Google late 2006. From 2008 Google like having prank on it's other site the April Fool Prank, they Show the prank here on You Tube every year.

Now Come to the major topic we have a hidden game in You tube videos. Every videos that had been uploaded on You tube since 2010 had snake game in it. Can't belive?  See the pic below or Try it yourself.


While on the You tube video (even when paused), simultaneously press the up and the left arrow key. You will see a dotted snake appear which will move. Now with the arrow key move it to eat the dot in somewhere on the video, as the snake eat the dot it grow. Don't let it hit the walls else it would vanish.

Pretty cool na! How do you like have a comment on it.


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