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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Hide online status from some friends in Facebook chat

There are time when you want to to hide some friends, that you are online on Facebook. There is  a simple way through which you can go offline to a particular friend or a group of friends.

Step 1: In the sidebar click on the option in that chat and you will see the following image. Choose Advance Setting by clicking on it.

Step 2:  As you will see the advance option, where you got three options to choose. The first radio box which is selected by default, says "All your friends see you except..." under the box start typing the names of the friends from whom you want to go offline. Select as many Friends as you want and then save the changes by clicking the save button.

Instead of choosing the particular friends and typing the name again and again, you can choose a friends list and hide them your online status. There is both way you can select, either the a single friend or a Friends list to go offline with them.

This is one of the best privacy option to be opt out in the Facebook chat. Simply restrict the friends whom you don't want to show your online Facebook presence or create the list of such people.

Now Suppose if you missed a person then you can directly go offline with him by clicking on the name in chat box and then choose option. In the option select 'Go offline with Friend name'. As you can see this in the image below.


  1. Thanks, this was a really useful tip. I wish FB would be a little easier to use with regard to this kind of features. If it werent for this post, I would never have known that this was available. :(

    1. There are many other tricks which user need to know to keep thier privacy intact. I will post them in coming days.

  2. Very nice tutorial but i have a question about the ticker.
    Will the ticker shows the activity to out friends which will prevent this feature of hiding the status ?
    If it does what is solution for it.

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