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Friday, March 9, 2012

Angry Birds Space : NASA Astronaut Previewed by Playing it in Space

Angry Birds, one most famous game developed by Rovio, gone to Space. The new Angry birds came that Schedules to be launch on 22 March was demonstrated by NASA Astronaut Don Pettit, who shows the physics in the space. The next game is based on the gravity free space so Don Pettit  previewed the game by playing in the Game in the Space Station. He explians about the phsics that deals with the motion or movement in the gravity-free space. How a player will move birds to hit the pigs in the game is that what strategy he taught.

The new Angry Birds Space will have 60 levels with some changes in the behaviours of the birds or say new kind of birds. User have Challenges to hit the pigs in the weightless environment. Also the Gravity of the planets will play roles which make the game bit tougher. Correct trajectory is needed to path the birds. There are some birds which will have the potential of freezing the bricks. One Purple colored birds has special ability which you see in the game, like moving on click.While the pigs get the protection with the glass mask(suit) which covers them.

The game in sponsored with Samsung Galaxy Note going to releases on 22nd March and will be available for iOS, Android, Pc and Mac. Previously all the Games and it updates were quite famous among the users. I liked playing it as an offline game on Chrome. Are you excited about it? Put some comment and let me know your interest in the game.


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