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Monday, January 9, 2012

WindRiver Brings Overlapping App Windows To Android


Android is increasing it strength in the mobile market, which make jealous to both Apple and Microsoft. To add more to it potential, a company owned by Intel  "WindRiver", said that they have develop overlapping application windows for Android.
What it is?

Android frameworks and platform enhancements into modules that can be commercially licensed by Android device makers. There are presently three modules: user experience, connectivity, and medical.


The multi-windows user interface allow the implementation of multitasking as in desktop or pc, to Android with the overlapping windows. It is similar to the Motorola's Webtop concept but it doesn't need an additional hardware.  This module is also made to  reduce the booting time for enhance the fast boot up in Android.


This module provides support  DLNA and SyncML for the synchronization functionality and for adding the streaming media support in the Android platform.


The medical module includes an implementation of the Bluetooth Health Device Protocol and frameworks for interoperating with medical equipment.

When came to the tablet, Android need much to do in penetrating the share. With recent launch of new version of Android ICS (Ice cream Sandwich) the possibility has rose. This additional feature will make it grow in the Tablet market also.

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  1. if this happen, why one need pc???

  2. I think it would be cool to see some posts on layout techniques and theming. There’s definitely a large gap between the basic beginner standard UI elements app and the high quality custom themed apps like Pulse. Perhaps a post showing how you would create a popular app’s UI (purely from a layout perspective). Android app development

  3. @Henryken yeah! you are right.
    I got your suggestion and will post it sooner or later about layout techniques and themes . Definitely, post on Creating a UI from scratch will be boost for the beginner as they will come to know how to develop it.


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