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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Best Jokes for Indians on Pakistanis (Pakis)

Question & Answers:-

Q.1.How do you save a drowning Pakistani?
A.1.Take your foot off his head!

Q.2.What do Pakistanis in London use for contraceptives?
A.2.Their personalities!

Q.3.How do you stop a Pakistani tank ?
A.3.Shoot the men who are pushing it.

Q.4.How do you disable a Pakistani tank ?
A.4.Hide the wind-up key.

Q.5.How do you disable Pakistani missiles ?
A.5.Cut the rubber band

Q.6.Why have thePakistani military researchers recently ordered for the
    enlargement of the hatches on tanks and other armoured vehicles?
A.6.This is so they can be more easily abandoned in enemy territory.

Q.7.Why did the Paki news editor got 20 years imprisonment?
A.7.For calling the Prime Minister a fool...
    5 years for the scandal and 15 for revealing a state secret !


Fighter Planes:-
Pakistan just got their new Chinese fighter planes and sent a squadron
of pilots there for training.
"Ok, this one is easy to fly", said the Chinese trainer, "even you
fools should be able to operate it! You press this button to go up,
this one to go left and this one for turning right!"
"But how do we come down?" asked Capt. Arfath Pasha.
"Oh," said the Chinese "leave that to the Indian Air Force!"


Sardarji & the Priest:-
This Sardar taxi driver in New York would amuse himself by running over
Pakistanis he saw walking down the side of the road. Every time he
would see a Pakistani walking along the road, he would swerve to hit
him, and there would be a loud "THUMP" and then he would swerve back
onto the road.(at this point some of you are probably wondering how the
Sardar could distinguish the Pakistanis from the humans.
Obviously he saw the trail of slime they left...)
One day, as the taxi driver was driving along he saw a priest looking
for a ride. He pulled the taxi over.  He asked the priest,
"Where are you going, Father?"


Q. You're locked in a room with Saddam Hussien, Adolf Hitler, and a  pakistani.  You have a gun with two bullets. What do you do?

  A. Shoot the pakistani twice to make sure he's dead.

  Q. What's brown and black and looks great on a pakistani?
  A. A Doberman.

  Q. How can you tell when a pakistani is lying?
  A. His lips are moving.

  Q. What do you have when a pakistani is buried up to his neck in sand?
  A. Not enough sand.

 Q. Did you Hear about the terrorist that hijacked a 747 full of  pakistanis?
  A. He threatened to release one every hour if his demands weren't met.



  1. you fu$$ed pakistani with these jokes

  2. wow really funny get a better one man u just got the jokes nd put pakistanis there anyway not like indians arent the same. they have big necks ppl get a life

    1. *Careers in Pakistan*

      in Pakistan, options for professional courses after Std. XII would are as follows :

      *JEE* - Jehadi Entrance Examination

      *IIT* - Islamic Institute of Terrorism

      *IIM* - Institute of Infiltration Management

      *CAT* - Career in Alqaida & Taliban

      *IAS* - Islamist Administrative Services

      *M Tech* - Masters in Terror Technology 🔫

      *GATE* - General Aptitude in Terror and Extremism

      *TOEFL* - Test of Extremist Foreign Languages

      *GRE* - Graduate in Radical Extermination

      *MBBS* - Master of Bomb Blasting Strategies.💣💥

      *MBA* - Masters in Bio-nuclear Administration..!!


  3. see you tube what these huys think about us bloody assholes

  4. ha ha...pakis fuked! Thanks uploader.

  5. I got a joke but it's about Bangladesh
    What does a fish + fish make
    A bangladeshi

  6. Add this one:--
    Teacher to student: एक और एक कितने होते हैं
    Student: 2

    टीचर: एक और एक 3 करने हो तो?
    Student:- उनकी शादी करा दो।
    Teacher: एक और एक ग्यारह करने हो तो?
    Student: उनका निकाह करा दो

  7. *👌: एक खूबसूरत सोच :👌*

    *वृक्ष के नीचे पानी डालने से सबसे ऊंचे पत्ते पर भी पानी पहुँच जाता है ,*
    *उसी प्रकार प्रेम पूर्वक किये गए कर्म परमात्मा तक पहुंच जाते हैं*।
    *सेवा सभी की करिये मगर,आशा किसी से भी ना रखिये*
    *क्योंकि सेवा का सही मूल्य भगवान् ही दे सकते हैं इंसान नहीl*.✍”॥*


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