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Friday, December 30, 2011

Transcend built-in copy protection SD and microSD memory cards

Transcend Information, Inc  the worldwide known company for the storage and multimedia products unveils  a series of  new Copy Protection SD/microSD Memory Cards. These Memory Cards has features that allow users to protect their valuable personal data or item without going copied, modified, or deleted.

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  • That new  Transcend  Copy Protection SD/microSD Memory Cards records data in CD-ROM style partition, which ensure the protection against unauthorized copy, modification, and deletion as well as viruses and malwares.
  • The memory cards are pre-loaded with the content and safety features at the point of manufacture, making them apparently immune to a variety of sophisticated cracking tools, or even reformatting.
  • Tested on various platforms, thus  Transcend  Copy Protection SD/microSD Memory Cards are compatible with varieties of  software and hardware, do not depend on the host.
  • The new cards has adaptable feature  to provide partially protected and partially free areas,  that's allow the user to save and modify files in the free space they do in a normal memory card.
  • Availability: 2GB-64GB for Copy Protection SD cards and 2GB-16GB  Copy Protection microSD cards (on request).
Source : ThinkDigit


  1. This one is awesome! Good to have the the sd with private data.

  2. @Mathbanka You are right the new Transcend built-in copy protection SD and microSD memory cards will helps in keeping the confidential data safe.

  3. Can I store videos and audios in these memory cards, which can be viewed in mobile devices, and TV with USB port, but cannot copied?


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