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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Stupid INDIAN Cricketers need to learn how to play

First test between INDIA and Australia started on boxing day(26th dec). It was looks like INDIA can won the match as they have more better batsmen. After first day play and till end of 2nd day, INDIANS were in the full control of the game. But as the 3rd day comes, all the strong hold slipped from the hand like sands.

Sachin Tendulkar gets a standing ovation of the MCG
INDIAN middle order let the match go from thier hands. None of them played well. From Gambhir, Laxman, Dhoni and Kholi runs were not in either of both inning. Shewag, Sachin and Dravid just contributes little in first inning and nothing they add in seconds inning.
It is horrible task for INDIAN bowlers to bowl out tails early. In first inning they give away 50-60 extra runs and so do they did in second inning. They need to to lean how to bowl to tailender batsmen. It is because of them INDIA always come to a worst situation. Batsman can't even took advantage when they have quite a strong score. It is purely unbelievable that from 214/3 a very strong position to losing the match by 122 runs.

INDIA need to get taught how they should play out of country. It is happening every time they just let the game go from a strong hold position. Till when we accept this stupidity. When the bowlers do well, batsman didn't and when batsmen did their part, bowlers unable to rips of the tails wickets. This is serious issue, must be considered and there is need of some improvement. If this is neglected then the overseas record will be always shame for team INDIA. 


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