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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

VTU will prints the question 15 min before commencement of exams


Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU), Belgaum will print its examination question papers way just 15 minutes before the actual exam.
As told in a  reports there would be around 100-200 question papers which will be entered into a secured server and then the a question will be  selected from it randomly 15 minutes before the exam begins and then  it will get printed.

The Program is underway in about 20 colleges of Belgaum region and VTU will implement it to whole Karnataka by July 2012 .

Also the hall ticket system will be changes and all the hall tickets will be given by computer system it self, i.e it will be computerizes.  The attendance demand is also consider in issuing the hall ticket as student with 85% attendance will have it and those don't will not be given. To prevent the messing, the current year hall tickets will be issued both online and offline systems and question papers will be in place for the current year so that technical glitches, if any, will not hamper the process.

According to VTU this will prevent the cheating and frauds in the examination as well as student will have more eager in attending classes. The computerized system will make the processing faster and save time.


Students have to get the VTU Exam Hall ticket by filling the exam for at the this website. Go the Website and sign in with your USN and fill the required information. After finishing the filling the form, get the print out and have singed it by corresponding HOD of your department of your College. Without sign Hall ticket will have not validity.

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  1. will this help vtu, cutting the cheat during exams?

    My ans is no!

  2. os paper was horrible

  3. plz pass us by correcting properly ....

  4. rajeev sir i need a OpenGL source code for 3D dog in computer graphics where i can get plzz help me sir

    1. Well i am not a sir

      It is easy to said then to make but if i had such project i will display in the OpenGL Projects, the blog made for it.

      I am giving you suggestion try to make different objects that can be used to outline the dog structure separately and then join them. Read text book much of the simple objects are given there.


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