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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

BestVendor Let Choosing Apps that you need


A new venture has been started up which will display the apps suggestion based your social profile. $600,000 finding from  Peter Thiel, SVAngel, SoftBank Capital and Lerer Ventures had open the gate for new social product called BestVendor which will help the smaller business to choose their apps.

It is in the beat, and allow user to taste it by choosing 3 apps at the start-up and then passing email with authorization from LinkedIn. Soon the Twitter and Facebook Login will be avial to user in the site. There is about 3500 plus apps listed in the database of BestVendor and will be add-up in as the time goes.

User can search as well as save the apps and add them to their used up list. Three list is there which shows in the profile, first used one,tried one and last the wishlist. User can also browser apps based on the category  for the eCommerce to hardware and webs-hosting . The suggestion feature which also indicate the acuraccy of suggestion based on the company and the individual profile (Now only LinkedIn).


  1. What the purpose of this? Why we need suggestion to use the apps?
    User uses different apps as they need or to make fun or time-pass, unnecessary creating a dumb here.

  2. it wrong all and everything has it own purpose and it not necessary the things that is not worked or not giving benefit to you will do same with other.

    Many business particular smaller business will get helped via it and i thought even individual too will be benefited.

  3. it is great to have learning with these kind of sites, ilove it .
    Stay home and learn with fun and no one is to make you bore as well as to torches you!


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