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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Create Fake Facebook walls to amaze your Friends

Like to have Fun with Facebook wall posting?
Yes !
First look the Picture below and laugh a little then go for how to do it yourself and have fun.

Fake Facebook wall

Well all of us now getting bored from Facebook and it stupid sharing and those unwanted social games. There is something new that what we need to get out of the boredom of Facebook.
As you see there is funny wall post above which is quite good. Want to make your own and amaze your friends. Let do it.
Go to thewallmachine and connected there with Facebook connect and start making fake wall to have fun with your friends. You can choose varieties of topic to do from old one to to new revolutionary ideas. Even choose you few friends and put their funny dialog to create the fun stuff. It quite easy to do so. There many funny fake walls already generated there, they are many so have a look around them and created your own with cool and funky idea.


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