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Friday, November 4, 2011

Chrome beta will synchronize all you bookmarks apps, extensions and other browser data like passwords.

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Chrome had a new beta release which will allow user that having more devices on which they use chrome to synchronize all the browser data including bookmarks apps, extensions and  other browser data like passwords and history.

There is new sing-in button in chrome that allow user to save the data in cloud and access it anywhere any time. It help when computer crashes or you uninstall the browser due to problem and re-installing it. It also help in keeping both home and office data to be shared on both computers.

The Chrome had made flexibility in this feature which allow to have more than one user with each user have their own personalize settings. The problem with is that it is easy to switch between the user and thus one user can view other's setting or data. It might take more to remove this glitch. Go download it here

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