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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Teach Yourself coding with Treehouse


 Treehouse launched yesterday, which will allow you to learn coding in simple steps. They uses videos, quizzes and badges to make the learning more effective.

As you see in the image above they prove the fundamental, Web Desgin, Web Development and iOS learning. They taught you about basic of HTML, CSS to the advance new technology of HTML5. It is great way for learning programming for beginner as well as those who had little or more experiences.

Each user will earn badges by getting done everything correct. Learn more and earn badge more. Quizes and challengers will give user to earn badges. 5 correct ans in a row  to have one for you. There is public profile for each of the user.

This can also be used to provide training to the employee, as many of the companies like Estée Lauder, Disney and Virgin already had geared up in providing training to their staffs.

“We plan on getting millions of un-employed or ‘under-employed’ people out of low-paying and unsatisfying jobs and in to higher-paying and exciting design and development jobs,” says co-founder Ryan Carson.

The charges are minimal, from  $29 to $49  a month as per the plan you used to choose. They will charge for only time you want to learn from and you can end the session of learning at any time.


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