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Monday, October 31, 2011

SLK New Placement Pattern 2011-2012

SLK Group placement pattern for the Freshers 

Apptitude Round:
  • There will be 3 parts (Verbal, Quantitative, Reasoning).
  • Each section will have 20 questions.
  • There would be 60 min to solve the 60 question (20 from each parts).
  • First solve Quantitative then go for Reasoning and at last think of Verbal.
  • In comprehensions, don't read the para (no time for it) just read question and ans them with searching from para.
  • Try to solve at-least 45 questions.(may differ from college to college).
  • Solve Rs Aggrawal 
Sample questions:
  1. Average of 40 boys is 16 and if teacher age(50) is included what is the average age ? Ans: 
  2. Profit – loss question- cost price is Rs. 600. Gain is 20% and loss is 5%. What is the cost price of the item having a loss of 5%? Ans: - 440
  3. number 50 should be divided such that sum of reciprocals is 1/12 ? ans 30:20
  4. question on profit and loss: some things are sold at 20 gain and loss 20 what is net profit or loss? ans 4%
  5. Between 100 and 1000, how many no. are there having at least one 6. ? Ans: - 252
  6. A metal cube having a weight of 6. If the size is increased by 2 times what will be the new weight.?
  7. some men,some women,some boys can do some work in 3 ,4,5 many days boys alone? ans 8.
  8. A rectangle of size 3 and 4 is given. Find the circumference of the circle outside to this rectangle is? Ans: - 5 π
  9. A group of 8 boys going somewhere in two cars. 5 can sit in 1st car and 4 can sit in the 2nd. How many ways they can sit. Ans: 9.
  10. Two train are moving towards each other with speed of 60mils/hr and 40 mils/hr. The distance between these two trains is 100 mils. A bird starts, with a speed of 90 mils/hr, flight from the point of faster train at the same time, towards the slower train. As it reaches to the slower train it moves towards another direction. What is the maximum distance the bird can travel when both train collapse?
  11. A metal cube having a weight of 6. If the size is increased by 2 times what will be the new weight.
  12. Two circles are given. The radius of the lager is 3 times of the smaller. Area of a arc is 2 for the smaller then find the area of the larger arc. Ans: - 54
Technical and HR round:  There will be a technical and HR round. Final selection done on the basis of them.

  • Interview will ask most of the question (not all) from your fav subject so keep a strong command on one which you like.
  • Os and Dbms is must go for it.
  • In HR interview, they will ask you about yourself and your family background. Keep in mind your strength and weakness, very common question.


  1. Great article on placement paper...............

  2. Thanks for the complement; but you must specify what is good in it.

  3. The way it had tell all plus tips.

  4. Is the question you post are real one or they are created by you?

    1. No they are real question asked in previous drives


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