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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Gmail New Look rolling out

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For so many times Gmail showing user to preview it's new look in the sign-in page, now it is rolling out automatically. People had choice to get the new look or it will be switched automatically in coming days. In the Blog post, Gmail team had confirmed about this. The new look is cool, clean, versatile with many add-up features that make navigation and search easier as well as more friendly.

User can opt for the new look by clicking at the bottom right corner in the Gmail. After switching to new look user had choice to playback and get the older look by clicking in the setting in right corner Revert to the old look temporarily.

New had so many new feature in it have a closer look around them.

  • Streamlined conversations: The profile picture will appear at left of the each email one receive.

  • Elastic density: Three new way to give a look to Gmail interface.

  • New HD themes : New bold and HD themes for the Gmail.

  • Smarter navigation

  •  Better search : 

Tour the new Look

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