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Thursday, September 22, 2011

GoAhead in Oracle's Pocket

Oracle bought GoAheadOracle well know for their database management software who acquired the Sun Microsystem, the creator of "JAVA", today announced in the press release that they had bought GoAhead.
The financial term of the deatils not disclosed by either of these companies. The deal is likely to close at end of the year, until then both will operate independently.

"GoAhead software is the leading commercially-available solution that is compliant with Service Availability Forum specifications, the most widely adopted standard for service availability software. The addition of GoAhead technology will help us deliver a comprehensive, standards-based, carrier-grade platform that supports the delivery of new services in the call path of the network."  - Nigel Ball, Vice President, Oracle Communications Industry Solutions

GoAhead is a company that develop and sells out  packaged service availability software to the equipment manufacturers, mainly network equipment providers (NEPs).  The Service availability which required for the  real-time network applications for the communication service is serve with  low costs and less time delay in delivery. This private firm based in the Bellevue Washington. It is claimed by President and COO, GoAhead Software, that it has over 100,000 GoAhead software has been deployed.

Oracle bought GoAhead


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