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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Get HP TouchPad in less than 100$

HP TouchPad

 HP TouchPad is now selling at 99$ for 16 Gb and 149$ for the 32 Gb, but it is not possible to buy as HP want them back to thier warehouses. So keep in touch with twitter use #HPTouchpad to get more on the twitter.

This sudden drop came out after HP  announced on Thursday 18 august, that it would going to shutdown its webOS and discontinue making devices. At a sudden after the annoucement of HP the prices get down and the market get volatitle in for purchasing the HP TouchPad. In just 2 days of announcement from HP, the HP TouchPad has gone high in sales and it is reported that most of the seller are out of stock. Almost all reatiler are out including the HP online stores. If you want just keep in touch with the twitter, see below the latest tweets for the HP TouchPad. If you found one contact me too. Good luck!


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