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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Ethnus training Phase-2


The second phase of training from Ethnus was held in college from 23 of September to 25th of the September. Alots of knowledge was gain with fun.
The 3 day training with to session each totaling 18 hours with 3 hour of training in every session. The topic that were done was GD, Quantitative, Verbal, English and the question of HCL and TCS.
First day was little boring or say more of that. First session was the Gd which was quite a boring because we are unable to hear as the class was not fit for the GD. This one was second term for the GD after they did in first arrival. Topics covered were "Mangement of college", "Sex education to be made compulsory", abstract topic "Red" and the last "Man created God or God created Man".
Second session was much boring than first one as it was a lday teacher teaching the simple basic of the probability and permutation and combination. Few question were good but all the simple basic ones.
Next day the first session we solved the TCS question paper and was great to do so and fun too. In the evening lesson verbal teaching was there with teacing for sentence completion was done with little starting of how the two part of tr placement goes.
Third and final day. First session which was the HCL paper to be solved was most exciting and awesome part of the training I ever seen in this phase. There we also get to know few things related to the training and the behaviors of our in the process. We came to know about the thing and arrangement while we are in interview and about the resume ans the arrangement of the marks-sheet in the folder.  At last was agains the english where we have verbal paper was given to solve.
Before Ethnus leave the College they celebrates there with the students with cake and a little small party was organised.


  1. what to say? interesting. however, it was boring but it was to be the summary of the result. at least have something to tell others, and can remember how it felt when learning.

  2. @sicite1988

    It all full only summary and i am not a novel writer so i did in my own way.
    Let me tell you i say boring mean not liked and also funny so all i tell there. Anyway it was nice experience except few of the classes. It was good one. Teacher did well to teach us and trained us in better manner.


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