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Thursday, August 11, 2011

TwitPic Founder Cloned Twitter as "heello"


TwitPic founder  Noah Everett  reveal the new service which is a copy of Twitter. This action came out just after Twitter enabled photo sharing for all it's user. The service is named as "heello" which is pronounced as he.low!
"We launched Heello the company one year ago today and today we're launching Heello the service,"  Noah Everett pinged 

Heello is a pure copy of Twitter, which do all sorts of things that twitter does. Here on Heello users pings instead of tweets, echo instead of re-tweets. The concept of followers and following  is termed as listeners and listening. A change is that people can see live streaming of pings around the world in "what happening section" which is awful. user are allows to integrate it with Facebook and Twitter.

There is mobile apps to be announced soon as well as the video and texting integration. A new feature called 'channels' similar to listing in Twitter will too came into heello. 

“Channels will let users be grouped together, and users can then ‘listen’ to a channel to see all their pings,” said Everett to venturebeat.

How much heello will suceed we will get the idea soon but question is will this make sense like what is done. No I think nothing perhaps like this nothing!. Thought competion is good thing but need of surveying is more important. It will be very hard for the heello to beat the user base of twitter which is around 200 millions. Also Google+ is on it way to roll the Social networking world, it is is quite tough to get out from them.


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