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Friday, August 12, 2011

Google+ finally into games

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After just a month of Google+ came in action and reached over more than 30 millions of user it finally showing the games. Google on a blog post on official Google blog mentioned that they are adding games. The games on the Google+ disappears after this announcement but is supposed to came back and slowly, it will enroll for all the users.
Google+ has givem more control to user over the gaming stream, there is game button over the top of the stream which allow to play and seek the games. The scores and other related info can be shared to circles only if they interested. The streams will appears in game page and not in conversation pages, which included the setting preferred by user. Also it allow user to switch of the games as they want to concentrated on conversation only.

The no of games shown in the blog is 16 which includes the famous games "Angry Birds", "Sudoku" and "Zynga Poker". The messages will appears to thanks user for playing and also asking for the feedback.

The Games in Google+ will compete the Facebook games and is more step in the popularization.It will also help in engaging user to it with user spend more time on the new social venture. How far the games in Google+ will help it will time tell but it makes a good move in the success.

As Google+ games disappear after the announcement so Google said on the posted video on Youtube

"Games are rolling out to field trial users in Google+, and coming to all accounts soon. Learn more about games in Google+ and take a whirlwind tour of the what's available."

Via Google Blog

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