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Friday, August 19, 2011

Blogger not showing Posts for stats

Blogger not showing  post and pages
As You login to your blogger for checking the stats of your blog, you will notice that Blogger is not showing the posts that has been viewed on the stat.
It is good if you just look around the stats for the week. There you will not find any hassle. They are giving proper info about the stats of the blog including the  page-views, traffics, sources and the post and pages that are viewed. But the problem came when you try to access the information about the 'day' or the 'now'. There all things including the page-views and traffic are shown but pages or post that are viewed is not mad available. You will find 'no stats yet,check back later'.
What kind of problem is this never know, i think this is temporary problem but it now more than 24 hour I getting the same message as i check the 'post' for the 'day' or 'now' section of the stats page. Hope this will be back to normal soon. You may remember few months back when blogger was out of cloud for nearly more than 4-5 hours. 


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