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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tourism is boosting in Bihar, it defeated the Himachal pradesh and Goa

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Tourism boost in Bihar, aacording to the stats of government of INDIA. Bihar has much more foreign tourist in last 8 years. Bihar is leaving behind Goa and Himachal pradesh. In the year 2010 , Bihar served the 6 lakh
40 thousand of the foreign tourists.

Facts for the foreign tourists in tens of lakhs

1.Maharastra 5.1
2.Tamil Nadu 2.8
3.Delhi 1.9
4.Uattar pradesh 1.7
5.Rajasthan 1.3
6.West bengal 1.2
7.Kerala 0 .66
8. Bihar 0.64
9. Himachal pradesh 0.45
10.Goa 0.44

Thus there is better boost in the tourism industry in Bihar which need to continue. This growth make poor people of Bihar not just rich by money but bring increase in thier status of living.

Facts:PTI/Minstry of Tourism, INDIA

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