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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Microsoft Pokes Fun with 'Gmail man' in reply to Gmail 's Ad of outdated emails

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Switch friends to Gmail.As Gmail is showing Ads at login page about Email Intervention and also remind Gmail user to tell friends to Switch friends to Gmail in right of Gmail. Here they Telling that other Emails are Outdated and maked fun of other. In reply to this Prank from Google its arch Rival Microsoft had used an New Weapon called "The Gmail Man".
According to Zdnet at Microsoft Global Exchange sales conference on July 20th Microsoft used "Gmail Man" Spoof against the Google For it Office 365, they target Google Apps specifically the Gmail. Been asked about the leaked Video Microsoft say nocomment.
About the Spoof Video 

In the Video it is poked that Gmail used to read all mail and serve Ads on certain Keywords which many might be useless. As girl ask "How can you do that?" the ans from Gmail man is quite funny that, two people loving Gmail Give birth to an Ad. Ans the Word that he is not mailman rather G-mailman is quite Funny.
I am G-mailman

Punch Line
The Microsoft directly hitting the privacy of user with this video and mentioning that Google didn't care it's user privacy rather Google cares more about advertising and revenue of its own. The qoute 'Your email is your business. Google makes it theirs' insuring the idea said above. 
As Google and Microsoft Fighting over number of various products ans services including mail these funny thing will make use laugh. I love Gmail but, I love the video too it quite funny serioulsy Look at the video and tell wheteher you like it or not? 

Watch the Gmailman Video

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