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Saturday, July 30, 2011

‘Email Intervention' From Gmail team Point other as outdated email.

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From Few days Gmail showing an New Featured Display "Save your friends from outdated email" at the time of Login. The Ad is to bring New user to Gmail through the help of current users. They had made a specific Website called 'emailintervention' which let to start intervention and call your contact not on Gmail to switch. When You Gran't acess it will show how much of your address book are not using Gmail.

There are 3 steps to be followed as shown in below with Figure.

Step1: Choose those adress who you want to email the Intervention From the Address as shown above.

Step 2:  Creat the Intervention mail with 3 of the options as shown below

Step : 3 Preview you mail and send it as displayed below

That all was for Intervention in which Gmail is showing that other mail services (yes Hotmail, Yahoo ,Aol etc) are Outdated same as Floppy Disks, Portable Disc Player, VHS Cassettes. It also featured the better features likes Video chat and calling which is not in other. This is a nice way of getting New user Without pointing other services. How much Gmail will get suceess in it that can be counted.
I personally feel that other services are pretty more complex and showing Ads much more and Ads refresh in few seconds regularly, that embarrassing. Also Gmail has many good countless feature which is either lacking or need proper implementation in others. What you People think Put you comment with regard to it.

"See Video Of Email Intervention"

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