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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Microsoft Office 2013 Preview

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Microsoft is upgrading one of it core business product, MS office with the new version of MS office 2013. Last updated version was MS office 2010. The new version of office is available for preview to the user on HOME, SMALL BUSINESS and ENTERPRISE editions.

Major Changes in Office 2013

  • The biggest change the one see in office 2013 is the absence of ribbon interface. The new design is simple flat without any visual 3D effects. Look better and cleaner!

  • Introduction of touch interface to better suite the touch device and tablets more likely for the window 8 users.
  • Integration of SkyDrive in the office, allows user to save and synchronize documents sheets  directly by connecting SkyDrive to Microsoft account when logged in office.
  • Microsoft added a good feature of saving word document as PDF. In the new version it enhanced it by allowing user to not only save and view the PDF but also the power of editing. For tablet and Smartphone user a Read Mode is introduced which convert the document to book like reading pages.
  • With Integration of Skype users are allow to call the colleagues friends etc directly from office. Microsoft offers 60 minutes of free Skype calls every months on purchase of MS office 2013.
  • The Object Zoom feature let tables, charts, images, or online videos, with a finger tap or  simple mouse click.
  • Yet another good feature for reader is the Resume. This feature allow users to resume documents and slides from the last close. It also works in synchronization (for online view), mean if document is closed in one computer can resume from another.

  • Use can share their documents with a link even to people who doesn't have word. As the user start reading the document, person with no word (shared linked with them) can follow it in the web browser.
  • In the 2013 PowerPoint, next slide is visible only to presenter before it get shown to audience.
  • In MS Outlook, new tool called Peek, shows quick preview on mouse hovering mails or calenders.

  • The Excel 2013 bundled with new feature of Flash Fill, which reformat the data based the use of cells, auto fill the other remaining entries without using the formula.
The social sharing, blogging, embedding was also there like the previous versions. Microsoft dynamically changes the office with introduction of Ribbon button, now they repeated the same by removing it. It is getting tough completion from like of Open Office, Google Docs and other cloud storage services. Will these new changes help Microsoft?
You can get trail of MS office 2013 with Customer Preview Version from here on the Windows 7 and Windows 8, with up to 5 installations. 

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