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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sorry Dravid, Today I want You to loose.......

Rahul Dravid a legend , dream of mine to play cricket like him. No matter what he did but still i place him above all the cricketer including Sachin. It doesn't mean I hate others. I love to see him play good and praise him to do better. Even I got angry from him after the loss of the world cup in 2007. Any way I didn't see IPL 1 but watched IPL 2 and IPL 3 and there I support RCB coz of Dravid "the wall". But as in IPL 4 he is not there and so I didn't support RCB and neither supporting the RR his new team. Reason is i hate Kanndas and australians(cricketers).
Today Match B/w CSK and RR , Dravid scored a well played  66 of 51 deliveries with 10 boundaries. He is top  scorer today for RR. But I want that his team looses as before knowing that I had bet 1000 on the CSK win's. Sorry Dravid ! You will do this again I know it. Well I want to see a fast inning with a centy from you.


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