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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

[Mozilla Firefox] New AwesomeBar HD Improve the search


Mozilla releases the new add-ons for Firefox called “AwesomeBar HD”. This is spins-off from the Home Dash project. It will add new functionality to the AwesomeBar of firefox.

Let examine its features:

1.       Now you can search the web and history effectively.
2.      Firefox select the URL of the typed quires from your web-history and display them for you to make the choice.

3.      You can search the web too as well as go to any site with own URL.
4.      Custom searches are on the awesome bar for various categories including books, videos, images, news etc.

5.      Each custom search has it own primary search engine which can be change eg. You tube for videos.

6.      Every search opens in new tab in the same Firefox window.
7.      In any of the search categories, Firefox also loads the search page in the background; hence saving the time and loading the search result page instantly as you press enter.
8.      Press tab to go next custom search.

9.      Very beneficial to the mouse user who use less in typing.
  1. It is a restartless add-on, that is after installation you need not to restart the firefox.

  1. URL on the AwesomeBar will not display full rather have to left click on it to see (this is added in 3rd )

      2.   Can’t copy the URL by right click, have to use ctrl+c.
      3.   Seems like clustering over the Awesomebar

Try the AwesomeBar  and send some feedback to Mozilla


  1. well featured with images, good article......

  2. It stupidity to use it, you revise it and put more bugs and useless features.
    Also provide the features which frustrate user like the address url and typing.

  3. i will now go for better firefox 5 rather using this.......

  4. yes i too get frustrated with that, but i mainly use chrome for my work.


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