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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Nokia: "It End for Ovi brand"

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Nokia had annouced that it will not going with it Ovi brand in future. According to the blog  Nokia now will go for it own brand, and soon will end the Ovi promotion.
The Ovi will now change to so called Nokia services. The  transition from Ovi to Nokia will start from the july this year and will go on till the end of 2012.Any one who buy now the Nokia phones will see the brand later this year. For existing customer having old phones with Ovi brand, the change will done through  a software update. Nokia will expect to do the smooth transition in all countries in phases.
Nokia’s EVP and Chief Marketing Officer, Jerri DeVard say that they are rebranding Ovi to have a more empahis on it Common one brand name Nokia. According to him this will centralize and unify the brand Nokia.

What will happen?
  • Ovi will change to Nokia services.
  • Nokia is not shutting down any service rather just changing the name.
  • Expect like Ovi map will be Nokia map, Ovi store will be nokia store and so.
  • We see just one name Nokia and no Ovi.

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