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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Ragini MMS Good collection at opening

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Ragini MMS had released on 13 of the month and had did good business in the opening day.
Have look  boxofficeindia stats

Mumbai - 65 lakhs
Delhi/UP - 30 lakhs
East Punjab -12 lakhs
West Bengal - 7 lakhs
CP Berar - 4 lakhs
CI - 3 lakhs
Rajasthan - 4 lakhs
Nizam - 6 lakhs
Mysore - 9 lakhs   
Others - 4 lakhs

TOTAL - 1.44 crore

 But question is will it go good in future too? As an adultery content  the doubt is that it get such sucess in future but the controversies already made the movie more famous. My opininon the people with worst kind of mind like these and it will go good among so called lafua's. Nobody will go to watch the movie for the fear and thrill but most for the name and the incident for the name. As far Ekta kapoor is concern she need to go to her sas bahu style and sleep there. She didn't know making movies we had seen in past. Her movies are made on useless topic and are worst of all style. I think if she want to compete with Bhatt camp whose role is to mix sex in Bollywood. Well this will go among the dirt mind and will flourish among the young.

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