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Monday, April 1, 2013

Google Maps Treasure Hunt Mode

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Google April fool pranks are very know to many user who are addicted to the search gain and it's other core  products. Last year in 2012 Google Prank with Gmail tap, Chrome Multi-tasking, Interplanetary Reporting in Google Analytics now it is new year with new pranks to show.

Google has announced a treasure hunting in Google maps which is the real April Fool prank.

Google in this prank is asking the users to come together as whole world in search for a treasure buried by infamous pirate,William “Captain” Kidd. You can read more about this tresure hunt on the Google Maps blog.

Watch the video below whcih helps in finding the treasure with the cules. There are many tricky ways of finding the treasure like buring the laptop with Google Maps treasure mode.

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