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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tension tension and full tension but it last in tear of joy!

The semi final match between INDIA and Pakistan at Mohali was a full tension show. People were very much exited as well enthusiasm in them were high. I usually not think much more now a days for the cricket except writing here. INDIA won the toss and stared to bat, Shewag was hitting gul and it was the student in hostel and in ground shouting out with loud noise and continuous whistling. Then he goes out, there after the Tendulkar review not given out and again the stump attempt, sound was at it limit all time. There after the team plays slowly and run rate was going down and they losing wickets to wickets. Yuvraj gone on the first ball duck! oh goodness! Any way Sachin had alots of luck with 4 drop catches and at last he goes for the 83 runs. Raina was at one end and bowler at other and they plays to reaches score of 260/9 in 50 overs.
I was sad and joy inside me was killed as I saw the score. I think they were short by 20-30 runs they must have made more. I was felling horrible, I had in my own decided that we will lose this one. I even don't want to see that too. The runs making from opners of the pakistan making all my thinking into true. Any how our bowlers had did well to pick wickets at the time and not let any batsmen to settle. Slowly and steady Pakistani were losing their wickets, misbah at one end watching his team mate going to pavillion. He hits some big boundaries but then it was too late all had been finished and INDIA won by 29 runs. Every time runs was been made tension was coming and wicket pleases it. How crazy we are we win and tear in our eyes, the tear of joy. Thrill and excitement was pursue within me and I love that victory. What a magnificant win was that can't describe. People were celebrating and was dacing with joy.
At last the dream of 1 billion fan is just 1 win ahead.!


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