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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Probability of INDIA vs Pakistan clash

Biggest glory is to see a INDIA vs Pakistan match in world cup. Every one who lives in either of the two country want to see the match between INDIA and Pakistan. There is a lots of excitement and passion in the game of cricket when these two nation clashes. Die hard fans of cricket live in these countries and is most popular game among the people.The excitement of people get over par when they meet in world cup. We want to see a match between them in current on going world cup 2011. Will there is chance of a match between them in this world cup? Will INDIA face Pakistan here? The question had a lots of probability. They might meet in quarters , semis or the final. The prediction can't get judges as any thing can happen.    
Let calculate the probability, since INDIA has 7 points and 1 match still to go with West indies if they won then they will be at 2nd spot in group B (suppose South Africa win over Bangladesh) and if loses then their position will be 3rd (INDIA had good run rate than England). Now Pakistan, they had 8 points and last match with Australia. If won they will top the group and loss will made them at last 4th position(New zeland has better run rate) in group A. Hence by looking the scenario there no chance of INDIA vs Pakistan match in Quarter final.

Now we have 4 possibility of clashes as-

First possibility:

INDIA at 2nd position(B2) and play probably New zeland (E) and Pakistan at 4th(A4) and certainly plays South Africa (F) which is more likely to happen. Suppose they won their Quarters, then there is match between C vs E and D vs F. So  no chance of a play. According to this only Hope is the big match the Final.

Second Possibility :

INDIA at 3rd position (B3) and Pakistan at 1st (A1). Then INDIA vs Sri Lanka (D) and Pakistan vs England (C) quarter Final. Even they both won there is no match to occur between them as C vs E and D vs F semis not the C vs D. Again the Final is only Hope.

Third Possibility:  

INDIA at 3rd(B3) and Pakistan at 4th (A4) in their respective group. With this INDIA vs Sri Lanka( D) and Pakistan vs South Africa(F) quarters tie. We have semi between  D vs F so if they both won then we see them in semi at Mohali.

Fourth Possibility:

 If Both INDIA and Pakistan won their last group match then they will be at INDIA (B2) and Pakistan (A1).
Will play Australia (E) and England (C) respectively. Winning here by both team will face a match at colombo in C vs E semi tie.

Hence we have good expectation. I like the last won to happen. INDIA beat Australia then Pakistan and in final beat either Sri Lanka and South Africa(which are more likely to go). I wish if my wish of this happen.


  1. Well predicted and good guessing outline

  2. Just in few hours ur 2 possibilites have a result

  3. @Raj
    your right, SA has beaten ban so pak-aus result will remove the two alternative.

  4. yaar mast kam kiye ho pakistan to jeet gaya , ab aaj dekhokya hota hai

  5. tera wish jaroor pura hoga
    mera bhi yahi wish hai, hum hi jeetenge dost

  6. Ha bhaiya tu sahi bole India hi world cup jeeten ga

  7. The last possibility you predictaded has came in to picture, but a little calculation mistake you had done there would be match of pak with nz not eng what you had written.


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