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Friday, March 18, 2011

Given the first Test to an IT company
Yesterday I came to know that there a test to be conducted by a company called Robosoft. It was heard that there would be test on knowledge of c/c++ programming. Well our class end early and came to my room early and left Raj kumar to collect information about the program that gone to happen in afternoon. He said to me that he will inform me as he get any detail about. I need a desperate sleep a i had woke since 4'o clock morning. I didn't sleep and went to give the test. Purpose was not to give test but something else.....ha ha ha !
As I go to my branch i saw Students from IS branch there. Raj kumar   say he still not know any thing. Many students gathered from CS and IS branch to give the test. I feel very erotic about the way it was conducted. It was shameless CS branch management , useless not know the way of conducting.
We all sits in 3 rooms and our (me and she too) room was having good strength. Then the guy from Robosoft inform that there would be group of two to give the test. I grouped with Raj kumar. There we got the questions. First we got the question on Programming where a code is to be written. Many of us think of the objective question but it the program to be write. Second question was of General awareness.
What to say about the first question there was a class description was given and we have to implement or write the code of the functions in the class. The question was about "Game of life", We have to follow 4 rules for living and dead cells over a grid. 4 functions were there and accordingly we have to code that. I tried my best and write something in it.
Second paper was 15 or 16 questions related to some general information about the field of IT. Questions were related to Blog, Games platform of Microsoft, Google browser, Amazon e-reader, International journals, Video sharing sites, Walkman, VoIp, GPL etc. This was given for 15 marks and above programming part 5 marks which was a laughable matter.
It was the first test i given to any IT company and i Know will not get shortlisted but it was nice to get courage from and few word from the guy who was conducting boosted me. We emotionally too i was happy....


  1. kya raju bhaiya kya hua is me?
    Main bhi ab ishi line hoo kuch help kijiyega ok!!!!!!!!

  2. hi bro.. yr i also get a call for the interview from robosoft. please yr tell me all different typr of question that robosoft ask for C/C++ programming..

    if possible than please provide the solution.. please plz... help me out... my mail:
    :) :)


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