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Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Since I had joined the college JNNCE at shimoga. I had been in trouble all time and the partiality from the teacher make it worst. Few things i did here-
  1. Not attending the class regularly in teacher who not, i fell teacher well but now it became a part of me.
  2. Just Learn how to cope with partiality.
  3. How to shut you mouth even you are not wrong.
  4. See teachers (many especially in cs branch) not want student to be friend but so called 'chamcha'. I don't like it and i never do it and suffered for that.
  5. I not going to see my Test copies from when i was humiliated been called as cheater and not got the marks i deserve.
  6. Don't give respect to teacher who don't deserve it.
  7. Never going to see the function conducted in cs branch as i has taken oath not to go to see (why?...?).
  8. Crying for what ?
  9. hate anger and more abusing in me.......
  10. Now the Results to get off my pants.
what more i can write thats much more than enough, if i write the incidents then...... leave it yaar!
Atlast most important it one i not going to name .................................................


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