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Monday, March 28, 2011

Change of venue for INDIA Pakistan Semi final for safety

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Altos of Darama before INDIA pakistan semi final at Mohali on 30 march, Wednesday. A petition for changing the the venue and shifting the world cup semi-final match out of INDIA, has been filled at Karachi High court. The reason pointed is that if Pakistan wins then the pakistani player could be hurted by shiv sena members as it is claimed that Bal Thackeray has threatened to attack the Pakistani players  if they win. It is also said that there would be riots  if Pakistan wins. The petion was filed by advocate Abid Hassan, at sind
high sourt in Karachi.As the Pakistan prime minister had accepted the invitation from the Prime minister ManMohan Singh to watch the game at Mohali. The petition  seems to be a useless and baseless. If there is such issues then why Pakistani Prime minister had accepted the invite? It is another huddle in peace talk. The match will also be attended by Sport minster (Pakistan) and PCB officials as well. To reply of this Shiv Sena spokesperson had deny such threat from the organisation chief Bal Thackeray and had called it "baseless".

Many pakisatani are getting visa to watch this match and this petion spoiling all hope. I know neither  ICC and nor BCCI, none of them will change the venue. It is thrilling match why to mix politic in it?
We INDIAN have sense, we will not do that kind of thing and will accept all peacefully as done before.
I don't know why so much going this time. It is not the first time Pakistan is playing in INDIA.

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