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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Firefox 4.0 Download pages

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I just forgot to provide the link for the downloading the Firefox 4.0 final release version  in my previous blog.
To get the this new version click on the links below as per your operating system and it will download automatically without transfering you to any other page, so download it and enjoy the new Firefox. 
    Many of you might like to have the version other than this so for the other languages than us english just follow the link below and search for your language 
      For INDIAN users who want their Firefox 4.0  in their own language below is the links for them

      For the Hindi
      For Bengali
      For Gujarati
      For Punjabi
        As I had given my personal experience on this Firefox 4.0 in previous post but i just also want to share few information about the mobile Firefox. The first Firefox version for mobile has came but it can work only on the Android or the Maemo based(N900,N983) phones. I wish it will for Symbian too as early as possible.

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