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Monday, February 21, 2011


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Google Go is a programming language created and developed by the engineers of Google. This is an open-source programming language and any one can add the code to it. A Google expert says that it is faster, safer, most comfortable programming language. The syntax of the new language by Google is very similar to those of the c, c++ and the java. The language has adopted basic syntax of c. It also had included many good features of other languages too. It supports the concurrency in programming the basic syntax and style, and also included so called build-in garbage collection. Google Go had been unveiled early for the geek to play with the codes. It will help in popularizing the language. The compiler for the language is of two types one with standalone compiler and linker and other based on the GNU compiler collection is build on GCC.

Features of Google Go

Google Go has similar syntax as those of java and c++. The Every program starts with a package statement. Unlike c++ here there is no need to include the header files rather Google Go uses packages. There is no pointers arithmetic, type hierarchy, operator overloading and other overloading methods, implicit type conversion, exception handling to be used in this language. The strings and arrays are native type in Go and also threading and concurrent program are natively specified in it. Most important part is the use of the internal garbage collection in this Language a new idea.  Variables and functions are declared in different manner with type after the identifier.
In Google Go the OOP is implemented by the mean of button and UI widget. Here the function is created first and other element (new) derived from it.  The interface of the Google Go has defined different views for all aspect. Here you can aggregate multiple types into one interface based on their similar properties. Unlike other language here you can create one function interface and then automatically implement other similar type.

Why we need Google Go?

There are many languages available then we to have another burden to head. The person from Google says about this. According to Google the current programming language are not so much sufficient to handle the applications that need to be created now.  Modern languages are not capable in speed and lack concurrency. The Google Go removes all these and brings speed, concurrency and is more effective than other. We can implement different application with this easily and lightly.

The Hello world Program

package main

import "fmt"

func main() {

fmt.Println("Hello World")

You can find implementation and installation guidance at the official Google Go Home page.

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