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Thursday, January 27, 2011

vtu even sem delayed

"By the direction of vice chancellor, the date of commencement of the even sem has been postponde from 1st feb to 7th.
Source- VTU official website.''
This message came to my mobile and i didn't get schoked but fell a
little happy.I didn't know why teacher need so much money when they are getting enough. The fight for 6th pay commision to be commenced on the teacher salary is the basic reason of delay of 1week for this even semester of VTU.
Student feel 1 more week relaxation and enjoy the holiday 1 week more.
Well it is good or bad depend on the different individuals but most of
them fell good and say 'wow!' .
Due to this delay and other issues of the teachers it is likely to
effect the time of result announcement. It was favoured to come about
mid of feb but, now it seems to come out in 2nd week of march. The vtu result may have impact of the war between admin and teacher in score as well as the time of announcement.


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