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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Dhobhi ghat

The film is not for the mass. I believe that many (even i) might not get the idea of display of the movie. Though the  movie story is not bad but, i believe  how it end is erratic. As per the story is simple idea of revealing the Bombay the city of hope. It shows how people of different classes mer-gout and play their respective roles. Film also tell the story of how big things are smaller in richer class and the small things have a great importance in poor peoples. The role of Aamir khan as artist was good and other actors Monica Dogra, Kirti Malhotra and Prateik Babbar works fine in the film. The film was too short just  90 min, it really much short movie. Anything is good or not but, the background music of the movie is just brilliant. 

One scence is related to  aamir's life, it when the prateik (munna) told monica (shy) about aamir (arun) that 'he had wife with a child in past , both divoced and arun was soo much disturbed' which seems to resolves the story of aamir khan first wife and their sepration isn't it? Aamir khan always use these kind of things in his movies.

Well as in second week the theater was full of 5-6 person it shows the success of this movie. Well aamir come with    good movie next with taking your wife kiran rao directing again and that must not only for thinkers, but for the mass. Well best of luck to both aamir and kiran for future.


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