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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

oops external lab

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Today it was my oops external lab. Though i was well prepared but fear was there in mind, every have that. me was some bad think too, i always think bad luck is with me n i will not going to do. After reaching there few minutes after we get in, we got our programms to do. I got d dlist programm i write slow so that i could produce some good clean work. Even of all care i wrote mistake, overwrite oh!. But any way write the program.Now start typing after showing to teacher. In typing i done silly mistake << was with cout i use < so error was there. Those silly error of typing i corrected them. Now i error something like as -"return of function inline not ..." was there . I try few changes but not work. The output was ok! , so is shownthat only. FIrst she tell something wrong but then after few mintues later she verified it as correct. She wrote output seen. In viva she was good to ask . I ans many of question with confidence.SHe external was pretty good. Nice lady she will give good marks. She was helpfull too better i say. THANK GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! now oops gon plz help me in mp.

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