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Friday, May 21, 2010

little luck

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I was haulted by seeing her but i didn't show the bloody face to her . Green suit didn't look as clear view but get i know seeb enough to get she was only. At morning when i was going to mess for breakfast i saw a girl in black same type as she wear on last test day. I know she is , but mind say she is!!!!!!!!!! It was her mp internal lab test. I was coming to browsing seen her near those tree ,she came with scooty n was with her friend "??" i know it????? I get in browsing but want to she ,hav a picture but it not happen she was not clear visible from balcony of browsing center n also some one were there. I came in n sit on computer but mind was on her only!!!!!!! So i went but she went away rajat told me that he seen her going with her scooty. little luck to she her. thanx god again!!!!!!!!!!!

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