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Monday, March 24, 2014

Aloo Bonda Recipe for Students

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Aloo Bonda is one of the crispy snacks, potato spicy ball. It would be used as breakfast in the morning as well as snack for evening. Today in this recipe I would like to present the Aloo Bonda Recipe for Students. Why for students? because it use less ingredients not much professional style easy to cook when the resource are limited. Most of the college students and bachelors don't want to cook more so time is limit as well utensils are less and yeah you don't want to do much of the work. This Aloo Bonda Recipe for Students, has easy steps took less time and have to spend less work. Lets get started with the recipe of Potato ball.
  1. Potato : 3-4 medium size.
  2. Onion : 1-2 medium size.
  3. Few Green Chillies
  4. Besan flour
  5. Oil
  6. Salt
Method of cooking

First of all we need to boil potato for a while. Keep the boiled potato out and put them in cold water for a minute. While potato is losing heat, prepare besan batter. Mix water salt as per taste (taste and add if required) with besan and prepared the coating material. Take out the peels of potato as they are now cooler,  smash it, add fine chopped  onions and green chillies to the mixture. Mixed them well. 

Now we have one mixture of smashed potato and besan batter for coating.

Heat the oil in pan. Check by drop a little batter in oil, if it fine go a head or wait for little more time to get the oil hot. As the oil get hotter, dip each ball of potato smash in the batter and coat enough batter in it (put as many of balls as you can but make sure each ball has enough room for them). Take time as one side get cooked, turn to another and cook the ball every round of corner so we have good tasty  Aloo Bonda. If the smash potato is get some reddish brown color (looking yellow yeah) take them off and serve to yourself and your friends.

See the video below a little of making them on the induction cookware. Put your comments how you liked the Aloo Bonda Recipe for Students?

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