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Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Drama of Secularism in Bihar

The JD(U) has officially announced the split of its 17-year-old alliance with the BJP and walked out of the NDA. Sharad Yadav, the JD(U) announced this in a press conference with Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar in Patna. 

All the BJP ministers in Bihar were sacked and request of their removal from the Cabinet  recommended to Governor D.Y. Patil.  A special session of the Assembly will be call on June 19 for a confidence vote, which will be seek by Nitish Kumar to keep running the ongoing Government in Bihar.


Just after a week after BJP announced Narendra Modi as thier Election Campaign Committee Chairman for the 2014 polls, JD(U) get away from NDA splitting the 17-year-old alliance saying, "Alliance not the same the way it was in Vajpayee-Advani era". Isn't that crazy things to do in sake of getting the 17% vote of Muslims in Bihar. Same things going around with the congress as well as RJD who wishes this to happen. All just seeking the Muslims voter's, didn't think that there are other community who lives in INDIA.  Why we are not thinking of Sikhs, Buddhist and others. There significant amount of Sikh in INDIA but who care same is true in cae of Buddhist in Bihar. All the game counts on the no of votes so there are many Muslims who can vote for congress so congress government in center supporting them, similar many to get the trust of Muslims Nitish Kumar playing the part (acting as congress) for JD(U) in Bihar. 

It almost granted that Hindu will favor them that's the thinking of politicians in our country. The  vote Hindu is guaranteed and Secure, so just play with the Muslim voters. 


By Splitting from NDA, Nitish trying to teach the people of Bihar Secularism! Wonder if he knows that meaning of the word. 

I Personally feel what was done in 2002 by the Government of Modi and he himself was not justified. He will remain guilty for the crime he done against the Muslims. The riots was not acceptable but he proved himself with the progress he did, the development of Gujarat for which he was not only get voted by Hindu but also by Muslims in the Assembly Election.  Point of being as PM didn't make the country a Hindu state or so. 

Will Nitish if became PM able to safeguard the needs of both Community, the ans is no! It is the people who have to change their mind and get away from the hatred. Until and unless this hate inside the heart will be their no one will live a peaceful live. 

Some Events that Make the Drama of Secularism in Bihar more interesting

  • Muslims group shouted slogans for Nitish around his house after the split.
  • Congress leaders in Bihar want to support Nitish Government. 


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