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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Yusuf pathan : First man in IPL to get out obstructing the field

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The match no 65 of 6th edition of IPL was very eventful, not just for Pune Warriors who won another match marginally but for Yusuf pathan. IPL 2013 Match between KKR and PW was played at newly constructed ground at INDIAN captain MS Dhoni hometown of Ranchi, Yusuf Pathan who cracked his first IPL half-century in three IPL seasons able to put another record there. Yusuf Pathan  became the first ever player in the IPL history to get out in a different fashion. Yusuf pathan mark himself as first player in IPL to get out obstructing the field.

The Event : Yusuf Pathan playing on 72, facing the ball from Wayne Parnell who attempted an yorker. Pathan manage well to stop the going to hit the stump, meanwhile he want to steal a run. While taking that run bowler came closer to field but he was diverted and  Pathan pushed the ball toward other end with his foot, causing obstruction in the field.

Third Umpire Decision : The matter was referred to third umpire, with replay it found Yusuf had done so deliberately, and he was declared out. 

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