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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Twitter Fun Over Sir Ravindra Jadeja

Sir Ravindra Jadeja is not just a name but an icon, the icon of fun, please moments.

Who know that Sir Ravindra Jadeja is only person to move the direction of match (off-course ball also) any time. He is 'babar sher', very tough to predict. The result of match, CSK against RCB at Chennai was not just thriller to watch but the Sir's fantasy to give the hilarious voctory to his team.

After Dhoni's departure it was only Sir who can make impossiblity to live. With his 38* of just 20 balls he make the triumph and his value to be called as Sir, defeating Bangalore by 4 wkts in the last ball. 166 was not a fancy total to chase but possiblity was always there, this make all in the last ball.

Match was even for both team it was Sir Ravindra Jadeja who knock over the twitter to win social media.

The trend of #RESPECT of Sir was also glittering all around -

The last ball truly make a real remake of Aamir's Lagaan which twitter trends, still trending


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